Our mission is to build a business based on fair and sustainable principals while providing real value to our clients and partners. We feel value, fairness, and unsurpassed quality of service are the keys to our success.

Partner carriers and service providers are key parts of our offering and we have built solid relationships with many of the best carriers available. We also have exclusive partnerships with a few carriers that allow us to differentiate our product from our competitors.

Focus Area

At First Frontier, we focus on freight types, locations, and most importantly, our customers. Our primary focus is on LTL, FTL, and flatbeds. We can arrange project moves, but prefer to concentrate on freight plans that support critical JIT supply chains. Our location focus is North America – Canada, the United States and Mexico. We pay critical attention to cross-border shipments, however, we can support your domestic transportation needs as well. Our customers are our most important focus – they’re people who insist on excellence, need fast action, and never take their business lightly. In short, they’re people just like us.


We handle everything – large equipment moves, pallets, small courier shipments – whatever you need. Our van moves are split evenly between LTL (skid-based and normal class-based freight) and FTL. Most of our flatbed work consists of regular decks, with tarps or curtain sides, but we also do floats, double-drops and step-decks when needed. We’ll even do RGN (removable goose neck). We have excellent relationships with other carriers, and work tirelessly to find the best carriers to support our services.

With First Frontier, you’ll never have to search for service – we’ll take on all your moves for you, and find the carriers you need that can offer the capacity you require. Our rates are reasonable, and our service is second to none.


Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about our customers. They’re our reason for existence. If you’ve done much reading on our site, then you know that we value our customers and work very hard to keep them happy. We’re always willing to go the extra mile (sometimes we just can’t resist those puns!) for them. But having said that, you need to know that we don’t want to deal with just anyone. If you don’t have the same commitment to excellence, the same desire to succeed, and the same insistence on having things done right every time, then maybe you’d be happier with another logistics company.

But if you want your shipments to get where they need to be, on time (barring accidents or acts of nature, of course), and you appreciate working with a company that is passionate about what they do, and you want the sense of security that comes from knowing that your logistics firm wants to work with you, share information with you, and operate in an atmosphere of full transparency and honesty, we’ll probably be a really good fit.

Give us a call, or shoot us an email – let’s talk.
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